The Politics of Fashion Exhibit at the Design Exchange

Wednesday 28 January 2015


About a week ago I was lucky enough to tour The Politics of Fashion exhibit at The Design Exchange (the old Toronto Stock Exchange building) with none other than Jeanne Becker!  It was a very informative tour that allowed me to enjoy two of my favourite things: politics and fashion.  I swear that exhibit was designed for me!  I wish I had taken notes, because there was so much information shared, but I didn't.  Enjoy the photos! 

JFK & Jackie O

Paper dresses were a thing back in the 60s-ish.  However they were very flammable and so went out of style.

First Family Paper Dolls

Jeanne Becker talking about fashionable things.

Stephen and Laureen Harper wore these!

How cute!

 My favourite part was seeing Jackie Kennedy's dress!  It was so timeless and classic-- I could see myself wearing something like that to a fancy dinner party.  I also enjoyed seeing Laureen Harper's dress.  The story behind it was that she saw the fabric, and liked it, so she had it made into a dress.  I forget if the fabric was on sale, or already quite cheap, but Jeanne mentioned that it showed how fiscally conservative Laureen was in her personal life.

Have you seen any interesting exhibits lately?

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