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Sunday 25 January 2015


I've decided to add a new feature to my blog called "Sunday Showcase" where every Sunday I will feature a collection of products from my stash!  I thought it would be a fun way to showcase some of the fantastic products I have that don't get the blog attention they deserve, because I am often too busy featuring new products in pretty packaging!  Keep reading to find out about my favourite MAC Lipsticks!

In order, starting on the left:

Milan Mode, Twig, Lady Danger x2, Creme Cup, Up The Amp

Milan Mode, Up The Amp, Twig, Lady Danger, Creme Cup

Milan Mode

Milan Mode is fuchsia pink, loaded with golden sparkles.  It can be a bit gritty to apply.  I think this was a part of a limited edition collection from last Spring, I recall purchasing it because two of my friends thought it looked good on me, though I have not worn it much since. I think this colour is great for Springtime (please hurry up!), and I love how it fades to a stain, making it a lower maintenance bright.

Up The Amp

Up The Amp is a wearable purple that I would describe as a satin.  I bought this lipstick because a blogger I really liked at the time was raving about it, and I didn't have a purple lipstick.  I really enjoy this colour, though I find it takes a certain amount of co-ordination to pull off (no bright colours in my outfit, an otherwise simple looking face).  


Twig is probably the closest lipstick I have to the 2015 Pantone Colour of the Year "Marsala", so pick this up if that kind of thing matters to you.  Sometimes I feel like this lipstick is a bit too dark, and a bit too brown for my liking.  However I feel like I have grown into it since I purchased it two years ago.  I like that it isn't too drying.  I find this colour a bit mature (maybe because I am so pale?), but I think I might wear it tomorrow with my forest green blouse. 

Creme Cup

This is the newest MAC Lipstick to join my collection.  I actually purchased at the Duty Free shop at Pearson Airport while I was waiting for my flight to Cuba (which you can read about here).  If you want a more in depth review about this lipstick, read my full review here.  Basically, it is a pretty nude-pink, perfect for winter and spring.  I love how creamy the formula is!

Lady Danger

This is my second favourite lipstick that MAC has ever made.  But why isn't it my #1?  Well, back when I lived in Halifax MAC had a limited edition release called "Hey Sailor", and because I love all things nautical, and was living by the ocean for 4 months, I had to have it.  I purchased a face powder that I used up (it was white with orange, pink, and purple lines on top), and a lipstick called "Sail La Vie" (boats! French punn!).  Sail La Vie was a warm matte  orange-red which I completely fell in love with.  It was highly pigmented, and not very drying considering it was a matte.  I wore it day in and day out.  Sadly, at the end of the summer between moving home and vacationing in Banff the lipstick went missing.  Never to be seen again.  Lady Danger is the closest I have been able to find.

After owing Lady Danger for about 6 months, my tube went missing.  I was pretty frustrated, so I purchased a second tube.  Well, two weeks later my original tube showed up.  And that is why I have two.

Lady Danger is a beautiful red-orange matte that makes me feel chic and classic.  I love it in the summer, or any time that I want to look like a total boss.  My only complaint is that it is a tiiiiiiny bit drying, so this must be worn in moderation.  Ever since I purchased it, I wanted nothing more than to wear it around Paris on a spring day with a paid of sunglasses.  I don't know why I wanted that, but I did.  Last year I was in Paris, so for the time that we were hanging out near the Eiffel Tower I applied it, and snapped this selfie:

Lady Danger in Paris.  Possibly the best selfie I have ever taken.

And there you have it!  My MAC Lipstick collection.  As this will surprise nobody in the slightest, Lady Danger is my favourite MAC Lipstick.  What's yours?

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