Luxe Box | Winter 2014 Unboxing

Saturday 13 December 2014

I am pretty sure I forgot to do my last Luxe Box review.  Either way it was pretty un-exciting.  And here I am again, and tis official.  With Birchbox on the horizon, and a renewed sense of savings goals, something has to go, and, well, this is it.  Maybe I will come back in a season or two.  So, enjoy this final review (for now).  I haven't hated this subscription, I just haven't loved it.  It is a bit expensive, and lately I haven't felt thrilled.  I have decided to skip next season, and maybe I will give it another shot in the summer.

My box!

I was going to give you the official names and values of each product, however when I checked in with the "My Products" tab, and it was still showing what I got last season:

Summary Of Last Season: 

I was really thrilled to get the Phyto product as I am generally happy with their brand.  Not as happy that it was a heat protector as I rarely use heat, but I like using it as a leave in conditioning spray.  As for the Fan Brush not really as impressed.  I took some silly photos with it?  The Jelly Pong Pong mascara was a pleasant surprise.  Not as much volume as I tend to like, but great for more casual days.  I don't know why Blush Body Wash was included, it smells kinda gross.  I gave the Vasanti scrub to charity because I thought other ladies would get more use out of it than me!  I am already happy with my skin care regime.  The Stila self-adjusting bronzer was a $8 add on.  A waste of money in my opinion.  Burts Bees is a more welcome drug store brand than most.  The gloss is nice and non-offensive.  Finally, I don't do dark polish, so the Lux polish was a flop.

This Season:

Now!  On to the fun stuff.

Opening this box was actually pretty nice.  I liked the bright pretty colours of the packaging and was pretty excited to see a dry shampoo.  On first glance I noticed how tiny the Nicole by OPI polish mini was.  The colour is pretty, but the bottle is tiiiiiiiiiiny.  But look!  Pretty coloured packaging.

Pretttttttty colours

Tiny bottle of nail polish.  No colour name.

So Susan "Wonderlight Luminizer + Brightening Base"

So Susan has been making the subscription box rounds lately, which makes me think that it is a new company.  The box is super pretty!  As for the product, the plastic tube feels cheep.  On one end you have what appears to be a concealer and on the other hand you have a rose gold-bronze highlighter?  

A fusion of an eye primer, luminizer, eyeshadow-enhancing base and an under eye perfecter all in one.

Side 1: A water-based eye primer infused with light-reflecting chromo-spheres, Marine Algae & Caffeine to optically diffuse deep-set lines & wrinkles around your eyes.  Use it on brow bones & inner ins for a fresh, well rested look.

Side 2: A creamy under eye corrector that not only erases dark circles but is also infuse with Alfalfa Lead Powder so you can apply it before any eye makeup to make it more vibrant, crease proof & give colours an extended flawless wear.

I think.  I think the bronze end is the base, and the nude end is for under the eye?  When I read that one end had Alfalfa Leaf all I could think of was going to the pet store to buy snacks for the gerbil I had as a kid.  I don't see how smearing bronze-ish water around my eyes will help anything, especially with the standard doe-foot applicator.  Anyways, this is kinda weird.  It works, I guess?


Suki "Exfoliate Foaming Cleanser"

This stuff smells like lemon gum drops.  Super sweet-- I want to eat it but it almost smells too sweet to eat.  This is  "round edge sugar crystal" based exfoliator.  I am a bit apprehensive given the strong smell, but I am going to give it a shot.  This is the second box in a row the they have sent me a scrub.  When I tested it on my hands I was happy with the results!

Amika "Perk Up Dry Shampoo"

I have also seen this brand making the rounds on beauty boxes.  I love their bright playful packaging, and I love dry shampoo.  I tested it out and it was just as good as another I have used.  I love the tiny bottle for travel and it was a nice powdery-floral smell.  My favourite item from the box!

Loose Button Eyelash Curler

I have a Sephora one.  Looks like any other curler.  To the re-gift pile?

Skyn Iceland "Hydro Cooling Firming Face Gels For Smile Lines"

I think I am too young for smile lines? Single use, leave on for 10 minutes.  Maybe I will make my mom use it.  I like that it has "Iceland" in the name.  I had a great lay over there last spring coming home from Paris.

Paula's Choice "Clinical KP Treatment Cloths"

 WHY DOES LUXE BOX THINK I HAVE KP?  Nothing wrong with KP.  Nothing wrong with those who have it.  But I have literally never checked off anything to the effect of having red bumps on my arms.  This is my second or third KP product.  So, you know, if I had KP I would use it.  I thought these were make up remover cloths :(

Nicole By OPI 

This polish has no name, so lets call it "Mermaid Tail" because thats what it looks like to me!  This polish is super tiny.  With my latest Julep orders I really have no use for it, so I think I will wrap it up with my little cousin's gift.  She's into nail polish :)

Over all I am really only excited about the dry shampoo and maybe the scrub.  For close to $30 I could find similar, full sized products, or I could save my money.  

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