50 Shades of Grey Movie & Make-Up Review*

Friday 13 February 2015


Last night I was lucky enough to be one of Sephora's guests at a special pre-screening of 50 Shades of Grey at the TIFF Bell Lightbox Theatre in downtown Toronto.  Even better?  I got to bring a plus one.  My friend Brianna and I had a blast.  Keep reading for our thoughts on the movie, and of course, my review of the amazing amazing amazing gift bag, which included Make Up Forever's Desire Me Cheek Trio set.  An evening with wine, free make-up, and laughing with one of my friends? The best.

Upon arrival I was handed a Make Up Forever bag and two tickets.  Once Brianna finally arrived we went up to the theatre where we were guided by the cutest hottest set of guys.  We purchased some wine and popcorn, only to find there was free popcorn waiting for us inside.  Oh well!  By the time we got there, the only seats left were in the very front.  In the end it was for the best, because it meant that we could laugh and sass through the whole movie.

The screen

My wine.  This movie is made much better by wine.

Focus on Make-Up as a Story Telling Tool

Before the movie, Trinidad (the guy above), who is something big and important at Make Up Forever (I can't remember his exact title!) came out to welcome us.  He also explained a bit about how make-up was used as a tool to further Anastasia's character development.  From what appears like no make-up, her look evolves through the movie as she loses her virginity to a look that included bolder lips and smokey eyes.

I also noted a Make Up Forever product placement in the form of a lipgloss at the beginning of the movie, because makeup.

I found Trinidad's framing of the role of make up to be interesting.  Mid way through the movie Brianna noted that she was finally wearing mascara.  Her wardrobe also matured from what I would describe as quirky and frumpy, towards something sleeker and sexier, as noted by her new jacket.  

This also made me reflect on my relationship with make-up, and my personal development.  In grades 9 and 10, I wore a bit of make-up because I wanted to look prettier.  At the time I wore brighter colours, and went for something more fun.  As I grew a bit older, and boys became ore interesting, I started to wear more make-up, more eyeliner, more mascara, in the goal of looking sexier.  Once I started university, and this continues to this day, I started to trend more towards neutrals and glowing skin.  I maintain that this is the sexiest look of all.

Before going to the movie I had my makeup done at Sephora.  I love the Hourglass Exposure palette on my eyes, and the new NARS lipstick in Anita.  Love love love.  Must have both!

My movie ticket.

My Thoughts On The Movie

I read a few chapters of the book when it came out, and couldn't really remember much outside of the following:

-Anastasia was a bit of a wallflower
-Christian was really hot
-There was a lot of interesting sex.

I found it a bit...cheesy?  Awkward?  I found her biting her lip to be a bit overdone.  Also, the excessive sighing every time he touched her face?  Also-- her nipple was always on screen for the second half of the movie.  The plot was pretty weak outside of her sexual progression, which is fine.  I don't think people are going to see a plot progression in this case.

Some of the girls I was talking to after the event made some good points.  Mainly that in some ways the sex scene missed the mark.  Great if you are into girls (you will see lotsssss of Ana), but if you are into guys, you will have to get by with um, half, of Christian.

Over all, I loved watching the movie with wine and a friend.  We has a blast making sassy, snarky remarks, and mostly just lots of laughing.  

We noted that there was an interesting theme of consent in the movie.  Christian starts off as a consent warrior pushing off Jose saying "Dude she said no" when Jose tried to kiss an very intoxicated Ana.  There is another scene where he says to Ana "I want to bite your lip"  She replies "I think I'd like that" and he retorts "Not until I have your written consent". 

I should note that I don't really approve of the controlling relationship between Ana and Christian.  With that in mind, this movie is pretty fun to watch with friends and wine.

But you know what I did approve of?  All of the shirtless Christian Grey scenes, and really, any time that it was just him on the screen.  Tehehehehe

The Goodie Bag

All goodie bags came with candy, Make Up Forever (MUFE) HD Powder, MUFE Smokey Extravagant Mascara, and MUFE Desire Me Cheeky Blush Trio.  

Given that I have received several generous samples of the MUFE HD Powder over the years, I should probably figure out how to use it.  Any tips?  

I also love the mascara.  I am currently working on finishing up a mini before moving on to the full size I purchased.  This will go into my bin for a bit, but it will get some love!

I was really, really thrilled to get this in my bag!  Desire Me includes a highlighter/blush trio, a brush, and a nice little bag to hold them.  This set comes to a $128 value, retailing for $56 CAD.  You can purchase it here.

I had been thinking on and off again about purchasing this set because I love blush.  However, I told myself that I didn't need it because I had so much blush.  Getting something you already wanted that feeds your favourite make-up obsession?  Thank you Sephora!

Oh hi there!

This bag makes the whole set feel really luxe.  At first I thought that the chain was a necklace, but alas it is not. I'm not sure what I am going to use this velvet and silk bag for.  It truly feels sexy and luxe.  I was really surprised by how much I liked this!

The whole set.

Travel Precision Blush Brush in 150

This blush brush is perfect for travel.  While the brush its self is smaller than I prefer for blush, I see a lot of room for this lovely little brush in my contouring game.  It is slim, soft, and lovely.  Next time I need a new brush (when I turn like 98) I will definitely be considering this line!

Artist Shadow Blush in 1-526, 1-808, S-748

Artist Shadow Blush in I-526, I-808, S-748

I-526 is an iridescent pearly beige.  This is intended as a highlighter, and can also be used under the brow or in the inner corners of the eyes.  I found it had a nice glow to it, with out too much sparkle. This really is a lovely shade, and my personal favourite of the trio.

I-808 is described as an iridescent English pink.  This is a bit of a brighter blush than I prefer, but I was surprised with how wearable it is!  I love how easy it is to build, and the beautiful almost golden sheen it has to it.  Really, a complex pink that I did not expect!

S-748 is a satin coral.  I am not much of a coral blush person, but I gave it a try, and I really liked how great it was at helping sculpt my face.  This has less sheen to it than the others, as noted by the "satin" rather than "iridescent" finish.  I love how it warms up my face, and can't wait to use it as the weather gets warmer!

The set comes with an instruction booklet, which encourages mixing the pink and the coral.  I gave this a try and was very pleased with the natural flush that it results in.

Artist Shadow Blush in 1-526, 1-808, S-748

Over all, I was thrilled with this make-up set.  The fact that it was free only adds to how happy I am about it.  But even if I had to pay for it, I would still be thrilled with the products, especially the highlighter and the brush!  This makes me want to explore more of the artist shadows!  *adds more things to my never ending wishlist*. Creamy, build-able, long lasting, versatile, all around amazing!

Sephora and Make Up Forever put on an amazing event at the TIFF Theatre, and I am very thankful that I got to go.

The movie was alright, but I think it is infinitely better with wine and friends.

I encourage you to pick up this limited edition set before it is gone, and to grab your girlfriends to go watch the movie!

Let me know what you think of the movie once you go see it!

xoxo Happy Valentines Day!


  1. ahh your makeup looks STUNNING and what a great gift bag! I don't actually have nay interesting in seeing the movie but this whole experience sounds like a lot of fun.

    1. Thank you! Hahaha the experience was a blast. I think that made the movie better to me :)