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Thursday 5 February 2015


This order was very conflicting to me.  On one hand, I loved about half the colours.  On the other, I really, really did not love the other half.  And on my third hand, if I had one, was the tanking Canadian dollar.  Right now it is at about $0.70 USD, but some speculate it could drop as low as $0.60 USD.  This means that any order I want to make will cost about 20% more.  Ouch.  With that in mind, here is my painfully expensive January box:

Unboxing!  So many things to love.

 A little note

It came packaged in this pretty little pink bag.

First up: Hartleigh, a holographic, Valentine's Day inspired glitter topper.  Hartleigh is full of pink and white glitter with red hearts.  Be careful, to get the hearts you may have to fish around a bit! Some Mavens were lucky enough to get five extras to share with their friends and family!  I wish I had been that lucky!  Thankfully my mom doesn't want hers, so I will be passing that along to a friend.  

This month's polishes!


I love how pretty and soft this "tea rose creme" is.  A classic Julep creme, it is full coverage with two coats.  This is a lovely, demure neutral.


Love the name!  This is about as close as I ill ever get to the nearly impossible to find Rae from last year.  I think this is more of a spring shade than a transitional shade.  Again, a beautiful formula and coverage.


I still don't know if I entirely love this polish.  Pretty, not terribly unique.  Good coverage.  


Blakley but a satin finish.  Wear time is pretty awful.  I applied it earlier today and my tips are already worn and chipped (I am typing this at 7 pm).  I like the purple-green lean it has, but over all, meh.  

Tyra, Julep's pink metamorphic top coat. 

Blush and highlighter <3

 For size comparison with Julep's Blush and Urban Decay Naked Basics 2.

For the first time in my life, I was surprised at how large a Julep product was. Normally I am a little annoyed at how small it is, but for he first time in forever I was happy to be surprised with a larger than a postage stamp product.

I LOVE the Julep Fan Brush.  This is the largest, most dense fan brush I have ever used.  One gentle sweep applied a pretty glow along my cheek bone.  It was soft, fluffy, and felt like a good quality.  I would recommend picking up this brush!  I actually love all of my Julep brushes.


Shimmery, but not a glitter bomb

Julep's Glow Highlighting Powder

As I mentioned, this product was much larger than I expected, given that basically all Julep products are minis and no larger than a peanut, your little finger, or a pop tab.  Okay, that is a bit of an exaggeration, but they are tiny!  It has a nice weight to it, and the packaging is actually quite nice.

This highlighter applies easily, casting a warm shimmery glow.  Probably not best for daily wear (unless you are a make-up feind like me), I think for most people this would look best in the evenings or at fancy events.  While this does not replace my go-to Laura Mercier Matte Radiance Baked Powder in 01-Highlight.  I am quite happy with this product, and will get a fair amount of use out of it! For the record, it looks very pretty with Julep's blush in Peach Bellini.  

Their other product of the month were two under eye brighteners, similar to YSL's Touché Eclat.  I decided to opt out of those since I rarely use my YSL as it is!  *note to self-- use it more**


Little heart nail decals.

The gift for ordering three or more add-ons this month was Queen Anne and Titania.  They have been giving Queen Anne away like its nobody's business-- and I have also got Titania for free or in a mystery box in the past as well.  A bit of a let down from last month's hand scrub.

All in!

What did you order from Julep this month?

If you decide to sign up for a Julep subscription, I would appreciate it if you would consider using my referral link.  Thanks!

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