Julep March 2015 | Pop Collection

Friday 20 February 2015

I always look forward to the 20th of the month because it means I get to pick my monthly Maven Box.  I have enjoyed it to much more since they launched the customization option.  Keep reading to see the options for this month, and what I ended up selecting!


Beauty Lover Upgrade is non-customizable :'(

Order 3 or more and get a special gift

My Selection:

I wanted to get the Beauty Lovers Upgrade but was unable to customize it.  I love felt liner pens, but I have about four on the go right now and can not justify another one.  Also-- the makeup remover pen looks like a gimmick until proven otherwise.  I am excited about Stepping Out and Chit Chat.  I wanted to also get Twirl, but I worry that it will wash me out.  I would rather wait to see swatches on other super pale girls like me before purchasing.  I wish that for the lipsticks they did swatches on different skin tones and under tones.  I know that most reds and anything with the word "rose" in it works for me!  Twirl could either be the perfect nude I have always wanted...or could totally wash me out.

I am excited about the idea of a soft-focus polish so I can't wait to get back to you with the results!

What are you picking this month?

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