MAC Viva Glam x Miley Cyrus

Tuesday 10 February 2015


Back in the day when Miley wore a blonde wig on The Disney Channel and sometimes went by Hannah, I was a huge fan.  Intense jealousy is probably the only way I could describe my feelings towards her when news broke that she was dating Nick Jonas-- you know, the cute one.   Her ridiculously long, shiny hair was a thing of envy to me.  Getting to act on TV with your real dad playing your TV dad?  On Disney?

Those days, like her hair, are long gone.  And while she is better known today for her hit Wrecking Ball, and for her short spunky blonde cut, today we are here to talk about her lipstick.  While I am not Miley's biggest present day fan, this stunning lipstick and lipgloss duo had to be added to my collection.

All I can say is pink, and sparkly. 

Money from the sales of both of these products go to the MAC AIDS Fund.  Pretty lips and helping a great cause? Yes please!

MAC Viva Glam x Miley Cyrus Lip Stick

Wearing this lipstick gave me 5-6 hours of wear, as in, I put it on in the morning, went to two two hour lectures, ate a sandwich, commuted home, and still looked all done up.  This colour is opaque, but creamy and non-drying.  This is actually the least drying MAc Lipstick I have used that has this degree of coverage.  The finish is a satin-matte.  I think this colour would look great on a whole host of skin tones.  I am in love!

MAC Viva Glam x Miley Cyrus Lip Glass

This lip glass is a bit less sticky than MAC's usual formula, which is a bonus.  A pretty, sheer purple-pink loaded with sparkle, it looks wonderful on its own or on top of the matching lipstick.  Of course, a shorter wear time than the lipstick, this lip glass is a total knock out. 

Lipstick, Lipstick topped with Lip Glass, Lip Glass

Different lighting

Lip Glass

Lip Stick

Lipstick topped with Lip Glass


Worn together, I can't get over the added dimension that the lip glass adds.  The sparkle and gloss simply takes this to the next level.  If you want to stand out on the street or at a party, this is the way to go! 

I wiped away my lipstick, and as you can see, it leaves quite a stain!  I like that it leaves a stain, because as it fades it is more difficult to tell. Bonus points for being a lower maintenance bold lipstick!  If only all brights and bolds could be this long wearing and this flawless.

Incase you couldn't tell from my gushing in this post, I strongly encourage you to go out and pick up this duo before they are gone for ever.  These limited edition lip products won't last long!

Happy shopping! xoxo

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