January Glossybox Unboxing + Lots of Sass

Thursday 12 February 2015


I am going to start this review by saying that I have cancelled my Glossybox subscription.  The novelty has worn off, and the poor value is starting to show.  If I was an American I would love to continue this box at $21 per month, but $28 for Canadians, plus exchange rate?  At $~33 a month I simply can't justify it.  I would rather buy a new Tarte blush every month, thanks all the same.  My only regret was that I cancelled it too late, and so will be receiving the February box as well.

Items received. I don't care enough to go into great detail.  Sorry?

*I apologize in advance for the forth coming sass*

Random Face Serum

Yayyyyyy!  A face serum sample that is too small to really tell if the product works!

Never Heard Of The Brand Toner

A cheap looking pink toner that has roses or something!  Yayyyyy for a product that I don't need use or want!

Face Wash I have Received in Other Sub Boxes

Maybe a good brand, but having received this very product in other sub boxes, and already having my skin care set, nooooope.

Half Decent Brush from Sub Par Brand

I have only ever seen this brand through sub boxes, and so far? Meh. Jealous of the girls who got a Tarte brush.  While the brush is fine, and probably the highlight of the box, I wish I had gotten the Tarte brush.

Mandatory Black Eyeliner

Seriously.  Who puts together these boxes and actually thinks "These ladies need another sorta creamy, black, smudgey eyeliner to go with the other 3947 identical ones they have from past months and other boxes.  I am confident this liner will really stand out from the crowd."  I don't even use eyeliner in pencil form!


Brush + nothing.  Why nothing?  Because I won't use any of it.  I will either gift it or watch it collect dust.

One more box, and then my $33 a month will be happily enjoyed at Sephora, or in my savings account.

I was so excited about Glossybox, but alas I end in disappointment.  I do not enjoy the sheer amount of skincare in these boxes.  The brands this month were a let down from last month, and having already seen the spoiler for next month?  I wish I had cancelled sooner.

What do you think of Glossybox?

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