Haul | Shoppers Drug Mart 20x the Points

Sunday 1 February 2015


I love Shoppers Optimum points.  The more I think about it, the more I realize that they really are the best point system.  Instead of samples (aka Sephora) they give you cash.  I worked out that if you only shop on 20x the points and other points promo days that you can get 95,000 points by spending just over $500, thus earning $170 worth of almost whatever you want at Shoppers.

This promo was spent $50 or more, get 20x the points.  For just over $50, I purchased:
- A jumbo bottle of Bioderma packaged with a smaller bottle on sale for $26 (score!)
-Essie Topless & Barefoot, a beautiful pink-nude polish.  Read my full review here.
-Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art Nail Studs that make any mani instantly sexier.
- A pair of nylons for my mom! (Not pictured).

Love these studs.  Pictured with a car I bought my dad in Cuba.

Tell me about it, stud.

Getting a camera to focus on these is hard!

One of my best manis to date!

So the question I have for you...I now have over 95,000 points.  Once they have a redemption bonus at Murale, what should I get?


  1. ah love the mani and also love that coke car, my dad LOVES coke stuff! that is a great haul and the optimium points are fantastic. i don't live near a shoppers anymore so i end up at lawtons instead, but i do miss the points...

    1. Thank you! I actually got the car at the airport in Cuba. He loves model cars, and he really enjoyed the trip so I thought it would be a nice little gift! Dads are the hardest to buy for! The points are the best...can't wait to go spend them x)

    2. I will keep this in mind if I ever get to Cuba!

    3. You should go! I loved having a week to do nothing but relax!

  2. I did a similar calculation to found out the point system. Isn't that amazing? They really do have the best system. I love what you picked up! Bioderma is the bomb.

    1. It is! I'm seriously considering winding down my Sephora purchases and switching over to Shoppers/Murale. I could never figure out why other bloggers loved it so much until I got a sample. Now I am hooked!