Finish It Off February | Update

Tuesday 17 February 2015


My goal for February was to finish off as many soon to expire or otherwise or that were mostly done anyways.  Over the last two weeks I have finished off 29 products, so I am pretty happy!  You can read my original post here.

The Body Shop

Argan Body Scrub

Loved the small of this scrub, but it was more of a jelly with scrubby bits, and that is not my preferred The body Shop scrub texture.  I like the Shea or Mango better.  I would not re-purchase.

Spiced Vanilla Body Scrub

This is a limited edition from last Christmas (as in 2013).  I never liked the texture (cream with scrubby bits) so I ended up throwing out the 1/2 of the product that was remaining.  It smelled off.

Brazil Nut Body Scrub

This also smelled off, so I pitched it.  

Madagascar Vanilla Mini Shower Gel

This stuff smelled really strong.  I used it all up in one shower, and am glad it is gone!

Argan Bubble Bath

This is actually the only item from this subset of reviews that I would re-purchase.  

Spiced Vanilla Bubble Bath

I couldn't repurchase this even if I wanted to, which is good, because I don't want to.  Now that I know the love of a LUSH bubble bath, I simply can't go back.

Satsuma Body Scrub

Bergh, I really did not enjoy this.  In the slightest.  Texture, smell, the whole thing. I know that many people love this scent but I found it kinda smelled burnt and acidic.  Huge thank you to my mom for enjoying this product enough to help me make it go away.



I can't say enough good things about this product.  Seriously the best shaving cream I have ever used. I will be picking up more of this sooner rather than later.

Ocean Salt

I really liked this product, but I don't think I liked it enough to purchase again. Right now I am really loving The Body Shop's Shea scrub.  Glad I tried this one though!

Sweetie Pie Shower Jelly

I never quite figured out how to use this product.  It smelled really yummy, but expired before I could use it all up.  On the bright side I now have 3 more empties to put towards my free face mask from Lush!

Comforter Bubble Bath Bar x 2

I really really love this luxe bubble bath.  Once I get through my stash of bath products I will be purchasing again.  I love how big and fluffy the bubbles get!

Ceridwen's Cauldron Bath Melt

I liked this product, but not enough to re-purchase.  The smell is meh, and I have seen other Lush products that are more moisturizing to use in the bath.  I will say, I liked how subtle the scent was.  However I did not like the mess it left in my bath!

Bath and Body Works Endless Weekend Sunset Body Scrub

At first I loved this product, but after a while I got pretty tired of the sunscreen-eqsue smell.  Finishing it was a labour of love.

Cuilx Nail Polish Remover

I always buy this when I am at my boyfriend's and forget my nail polish remover, so I get it at the dollar store.  It is super drying and I recommend it to nobody ever.


I got this in a past Glymm bag, back when Glymm was a thing.  So yeah...old.  I really miss the Glymm bags though!  Not the contents or the sub, but the actual bags were nice.

Julep Oxygen Basecoat

I really love this basecoat with Julep polishes.  Thankfully for mystery boxes I have a zillion more on hand.

Caudalie Hand & Nail Cream

I was really surprised by how much I liked using this for my nails!  I was lucky enough to get a full size in a Christmas gift set, so I am golden for quite a while.

Caudalie Make-Up Remover

I liked this make-up remover, but not as much as I like Bioderma!  It did the job, and was perfect for travel.

Kihel's Moistuizer

I liked it, but not as much as I like my Caudalie moisturizer. 

Benefit Total Moisture

Ditto.  Cute packaging though!

Julep Eyesheen 

It totally dried out, and even if I wanted to repurchase, Julep has (wisely) taken it off their website.  It always felt oddly sticky to wear.

Make Up Forever Primer

I really enjoyed this mini, but will not repurchase because Hourglass <3 <3 <3

Bare Minerals Lip Gloss

Oh gosh I got this back in first year as a Christmas gift.  I used maybe 70% which is great for a lipgloss, loved the pink with blue sheen and would consider repurchasing one day.  However, after nearly four years it smelled totally off so it had to go!

Clarins Thing

Um this was a thing that did a thing so yeah.

Alterna CC Cream for Hair

Love this product!  I have a bunch of deluxe minis that last forever that I got as 100 point gifts so I am set for a while.  One day I will purchase it though!

Other Thing

This was a make-up remover sample I got from Shoppers and I liked it well enough.

I am really happy with how many products I have managed to clear out so far this month!  Given that I am away all week this week I don't know if my final progress report will be as good, but I am feeling good about these two weeks and that is all that matters!  How is finishing off your products going?

Happy reading week!

Total products finished

Full Size: 18

Deluxe Size: 9

Sample Size: 2

Total: 29


  1. I just bought my first Comforter from Lush, so excited! To avoid the Ceridwen's mess you can actually leave it in the "mesh" it comes packaged in while it's in the bath so all the little bits are caught up :) if you ever did end up with another one. I love your review of "Clarin thing/other thing". haha. great job finishing off products! I am really focusing on my lush stuff at the moment because it expires and i have a ton that will go bad and that i love.

    1. Good call on leaving it in the mesh! Haha yeah I just want to clear out some of my beauty junk. And Lush expirery dates make me sad-- I had to toss two almost full products last month because they had expired. (Part of the reason I want to use up a whole bunch of things). Once I have cleared out my stash I hope to only ad things at a rate that I can use up.

    2. yeah definitely especially key with Lush. I have to toss my volcano foot mask this month because I totally didn't realize it has a 3 month expiration and didn't finish it up! I have a 500 ML bottle of Rose Jam that's about to expire I haven't started because I had too many shower gels so... yeah. I am hoping the expiration date is more of a guideline for that haha

    3. Just have lots of showers and use up that Rose Jam? My shower gel collection is...aha...large. I am rationing out my Snow Fairy shower gel so I can use a little bit all year long.

    4. Just have lots of showers and use up that Rose Jam? My shower gel collection is...aha...large. I am rationing out my Snow Fairy shower gel so I can use a little bit all year long.