Bite Double Ended Lipsticks

Tuesday 3 February 2015


Since Bite came to Sephora they have become one of my go-to brands for lip products.  I love the quality and workmanship that goes into their products and design, and of course, that their products are full of good-for-you ingredients.  This is not the first time that Bite has released a double ended mini lipstick-- when I saw the new release I had to have it!

Each of these double ended lipsticks retails for an affordable $15.  I love their size because they slip easily into a purse, evening clutch, or pocket.  The fact that they are double ended is a huge bonus as it enables me to carry two colours in one product when I am travelling!  I really like that the bolder colour is included as I am not sure how much use I would get out of full sized lipstick in either "Lingonberry" or "Tangerine".

Look at those pretties!

As usual these Bite products come in a matte rubberized grey package.

For size.

All four lipsticks are in their classic satin finish.  

I did not find any of the formulas to be particularly hydrating nor drying.

From left to right:


I love this bold hot pink with blue undertones.  This will be perfect for summer!  I enjoy that as it fades it leaves a pink stain, making it a lower maintenance bright lipstick.


I am a bit hesitant on this nearly neon orange shade.  I have been assured by multiple people that I can pull it off (it seems that my super pale complexion can wear nearly any colour?).  I think it could be super fun for summer.


Much more in my comfort zone!  This is the kind of colour that I would wear on a date (get it?), or really just about anywhere.  On me, it is a "my lips but better" hue.


This is probably my favourite lipstick of the lot.  I like that it has a bit more pink to it than Date, but is still firmly in the neutral family.  This is a beautiful nude-pink that I have already enjoyed wearing to a whole bunch of functions.  


  1. i have one of these double-sided ones, and i think it might be the neutral one, i hope so cause fig is so pretty!