Calling Out Beauty BS: Sephora's Bottled Dreams

Sunday 27 July 2014

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Sometimes the price difference between Canada and the States drives me crazy.  But lately something from Sephora just has me feeling like they just don't value Canadians clients.

Sure, everything costs more on their Canadian site.  And yes, when Americans make a $25+ order they qualify for a free gift while Canadians have to spend $35 (on products that already cost more).  And yes, when Canadians buy something online they only get the American points.  So if you pay $76 but in the States it costs $67 you have to call in for your extra 11 points.  But this latest find just drives me nuts.

I discovered this while making my shopping list for my upcoming trip to Boston.

One of my good friends bought me this set for my birthday.  It cost $64 Canadian and came with 8 deluxe minis including some fragrances I love.  I was delighted!

In the States this product retails for $58.  But there is one huge value difference: In the American box consumers get a voucher to get their favourite fragrance mini full sized.  

That means that in Canada we not only pay more for this product but we actually get substantively less.  As in a whole full sized bottle of perfume less.  

I called Sephora to ask what exactly was going on, and of course the CS rep really had no answer.  She was sympathetic but offered a very awkward solution: To return my beloved Bottled Dreams set in Canada for store credit, wait a month until I am in Boston and then hope the set is in stock, purchase it in Boston and redeem for the full sized fragrance.  

I explained to her that that was taking quite a risk given that the item may not be in stock when I get there.  I asked to be called back by a supervisor who has the information to answer my question and offer a solution (No, 100 points won't fix this problem).  I was told I would be called back the next day.  Well, its three days later and no call.  So, I called them and spoke to a nice gentleman who really couldn't explain why I didn't get a call back.  As a VIB Rouge I expect better.  I was assured I would be called back on Monday afternoon.  Let's see how this goes.  

I want an explanation why Canadians don't get the voucher, and then a solution for how I can either get the voucher, the perfume, or a guarantee that I will be given the voucher in Boston.  Right now I just feel cheated by Sephora, and like they don't value their Canadian clients.  I am looking forward to having this conversation with Sephora, and to seeing if they do bring solutions forward.  

This is true of their other mini sets.  While Canadians get to enjoy a collection of minis, Americans get to try the minis and then bring in a voucher for their favourite for free.  

Have you ever felt like Canadian consumers get the short end of the stick at Sephora?  I'd love to hear about it.

//end rant.


  1. I realized last year that all the sampler sets don't come with a full size voucher for Canadians. I had to get this set shipped to my friend in the US and she has to get the full size, then ship everything to me :(


    1. That's so frustrating! When I found out that it came with a free voucher in the States I just couldn't believe we are both paying more and getting less! Good on you though for catching it and getting the perfume.

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