Julep's Memorial Day Mystery Box #2

Monday 7 July 2014

Ugh ugh ugh.  I ordered this Mystery Box because the items shown as guaranteed to be in the box were the peach blush, the blush brush, and the sparkly bag.  Much to my disappointment when I opened the box the blush was missing!  I am not looking forward to my call with Customer Service to get this sorted out.  This box cost $40.

Peach Bellini Blush - $19.20 MISSING
I am getting pretty sick and tired of Julep's shipping issues.  I called the nice lady at Customer Service and she was very understanding.  She has sent me a replacement blush which I will recieve in about a month.

Blush Brush - $19.20
Super soft.  But I don't have much to say about it without the blush.  I have thoroughly enjoyed rubbing it on my face.  It feels like a little bunny.

Sparkly Make-Up Bag (No price) ~$15
Pretty and spongey!  No-- seriously, this bag is squishy.  It also has a few little compartments in it which is nice.  I don't know if I see this bag as an evening bag, but I love it all the same!

Kajal Eye Glider - $22
I received one of these in the fall and have still not got through it.  It applies well, comes with a cute little sharpener and has a good staying power.  I enjoy that it has both a black and a brown end.  This makes it versatile for bold and soft looks.  I think I will see if my mom is interested in this though since I have more than enough pencil eyeliners.

Julep Eyelash Curler - $6 $4.99 (Sale) $1.00 (Red Marker Sale)
Haha so it took me a good 10 minutes to figure out how it works.  You just flip the back up and it becomes a lever.  At the bottom there is a second rubber lip to replace the original.  This is not the best curler I have ever used, but I love how small and compact it is. It gets the job done.  I love the idea of bringing this to travel because it is so tiny.  This will find a home in my"permeant" travel make-up bag. 

Julep Green Tea Facial Blotting Papers (No price) ~$6
These are not for sale in the regular store.  Always useful to have in my purse when I am running around.  I have purchased some from Sephora in the past.  I was happy to get these since I don't have any left.  Great way to freshen up during a long and busy day!  These are fun.  They are minty green with little specks, sort of like Julep's beloved Speckle polishes.

Sabrina - $11.20 $2.99 (Sale)
Orange and crackle?  Gross.  Crackle went out of style long, long ago.  This might just become a halloween gift for my little cousin.  But actually.  Hideous and useless.

Stella - $11.20
Not a yellow polish person.  This could be cute for nail art daises though.  This was from a box long long ago, and my bet is that it is hard to get rid of.

Ingrid - $11.20
Burnt orange.  Lovely.  Honestly these 3 polishes have been duds.  This polish will also be seeking a new and loving home.

Cost: $40
Value: $143
Maven Value: $118.20

I think I will be abstaining from Mystery Boxes for another year or so.  This box wasn't bad, but the polishes were literally hideous, and they forgot the nicest part of the box.  I love the make-up portion of the box though.  I feel like I got good value for my money.  However with how many deals, promos, and sales they have it wouldn't have been hard to get many of these items for cheaper.  The blush, hopefully, will be the real winner.

All prices are "Maven" Prices.  Mavens get a 20% discount off of regularly priced merchandise  

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