Julep's June Three Wishes Collection

Wednesday 23 July 2014

Yay!  After waiting weeks my Julep June Three Wishes Collection finally arrived.  Given that I did not receive tracking info about this box from Julep I ended up calling them last week asking where my box was.  They ended up re-sending it, minus Kayla and refunding me $4.99.  I will be calling them back tomorrow to sort this out since I don't need each of these colours x2.  Also, my Memorial Day Mystery Box arrived and it was missing the Blush.  So hopefully I can kill these two birds with one stone.

I don't know if you have been having this issue, but Julep shipping has been killing me lately!  Missing items, month long delays to get products.  I am seriously considering using up my points and then calling it quits.  Or, skips, since I have unlimited skips.

This month I ordered It Girl with add-ons O2 Duo, Kayla, and Katerina (not pictured because I forget about her and was too last to add her to the shot.  Photos of her to follow).  As a thank-you for adding on 3 items I received Veronica and Marjorie for free.

O2 Duo
Oxygen Performance Top Coat
Oxygen Performance Base Coat

It Girl
Jennine - Borealis Blue Stardust
Phia - Orchid Iridescent Chrome
Savoy - Antique Gold Chrome

Add Ons and Gifts

On this box I did some creative re-arranging.  I wanted the 02 Duo, Phia, Jennine (stardust <3), Kayla, and Katerina.  I also wanted the free gift.  I did not want to switch to My Maven because I was skeptical of what it would mean.  I think I will make the switch this month though.  The best way to achieve this was to order It Girl, add on the 02 Duo, Katerina, and Kayla, and get the free gifts!  I was lucky that this month I had enough points for the main part of my box to be free.

Of course, after swatches came out on line I ended up falling in love with Natalia (Julep made it look copper, but the blogger world said it was pink), Colette, and Sera.  I will be reviewing those with this collection because I think it makes sense to.  I actually ended up with everything in the collection other than Bergen (not a fan of grey polish) and Harlow (weird green tinge gold chrome).  One of these days I will do a full upgrade!  This collection is the closest I have come to owning a full collection.

Oxygen Performance Base Coat
I like how this turns my nails matte and white when applied.  It is easy to know it is dried (and only takes a few seconds to get there!).  This is specially formulated to work with Julep Polishes.  So far I am at manicure day three and not a chip in sight!  I love this product and can't wait to order it again.

Oxygen Performance Top Coat
As mentioned, manicure day 3 and not a chip in sight!  This applies thinner than Julep's Freedom Polymer Top Coat but so far, honestly, works much better.  I am still a Freedom fan, and have 3 bottles or so to get through.  However I might gift one or two of them because honestly, I like this one more.  

This is more blue and less teal than expected.  I also find it to be more dull than other Stardust polishes I have worn.  The formula is a bit streaky, so two coats is needed to make this star shine.  Once two coats are on this is a lovely colour.  A bit too bold for work, but that's okay!

Less purple, more silver than expected.  Still a pretty colour, but I am disappointed by how inaccurate Julep's swatches were.  

More metallic than I would general ego for, but I like the subtle sparkle.

Beautiful on her own, or on top of another colour.  Super fun for nail art!

Much more pink than expected.  I am happy it is less coppery than the Julep swatch.

Tip - Colette
Middle - Abigail 
Bottom - Sera

This is more silver and less purple than expected.  I'm not disappointed, just surprised.  She is a stunning shade and I am happy to have her in my collection.  I love the shimmer, and of course the subtle silvery-purple colour. 

I was not expecting to love this shade, but this deep, milky, shimmery purple drew me in.  Lately I have been on a bit of a purple kick.  Colette was opaque with basically one coat.  Beautiful formula.  


Yayayayayayay to happy to have this one!  I have had my eye on it for a while, and am glad I got it when I did because it is out of stock now.  It is a sheer bubblegum purple with a blue and pink sheen.  Totally unique.  It applies with two coats to a sheer periwinkle shade.  <3  The formula is similar to Maren.

I am so not an orange polish person. Orange necklaces?  I can handle that.  Orange is the New Black?  Love that show!  But Orange polish just isn't me.  Thankfully my boyfriend's mom loves orange, so I gave this polish to her before really testing it out.  Glad it found a loving home!

This is a nude-orange-pink shade.  Pretty in the bottle and pretty swatched.  I feel like this is more of a fall colour, so I will be holding on to it until then.

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