June Empties!

Wednesday 2 July 2014

June was a good month for me for empties!  I must say, its really satisfying to get those all gone.  There were some products I was really excited about this month, and others, not so much.  My...let's call it a collection, my collection is quite large, so "re-purchase"es may be a while off.

Quo Luxury Cotton Pads - Eventual Repurchase
These guys got the job done.  I would totally buy these again.  Nothing special, but if these are the cotton pads on sale at Shoppers next time I am in need, than these are the ones I will get.  For this sort of product I have just about zero brand loyalty.  I generally buy from Shoppers to get my Optimum Points.

Balea Warming Foot Cream - Eventual Repurchase
Speaking of Optimum Points, the Balea masks were on promotion.  Buy 3, get 500 bonus points.  So I picked up this guy, and two others.  I'm a sucker for those points, but I am getting close to 95, 000!  This was nice.  It felt thick and nourishing, however not terribly warming.  I would pick these up again as an impulse purchase, but not a must have.

Glam Glow Under Eye Treatment - Purchase One Day
These retail in sets of 12 for $76, so in other words, a bit more than I would like to spend.  I got this for free some how, and decided to give it a try.  In retrospect, one little pod would have been enough for both of my eyes.  I'll keep that in mind for next time to extend the life of the product.  It felt cool under my eye and after wiping it off I noticed a difference.  I might buy these in January as I work up to maintaining my VIB Rouge Status.

Sephora Pearl Mask - Re-purchase 
This is a cotton sheet mask that retails for a wonderful $8.  They are new to the Sephora line and come in all sorts of scents.  I also picked up the mask in "Honey".  I found Pearl did a nice job at brightening my skin.  It felt relaxing and luxurious with the added benefit of no skin irritation.  I did look a bit silly, but I would buy this again in a heart beat.  Also-- a great product to buy if you want any of the points gifts or samples on the Sephora website.  (Stay tuned for the full review) 

Face Shop Nourishing Gel Lip Patch - Eventual Repurchase
$4 at The Face Shop.  It felt weird, and looked crazy, but it was a heck of a lot of fun!  I didn't notice much of a difference, but I would buy this again entirely for the novelty value.

Julep Nail Mask - Eventual Repurchase
This comes in the Julep Moisture Mask Trio.  It is the dud in the trio for me, and feels awkward to wear but it made my nails feel nice.  So there's that.  I will end up getting it again though because I love the foot and hand masks in the set.

Alterna Hair CC Cream - Re-purchase 
I looooooooooooove this for my hair. It keeps my crazy long hair tame and wavy and I love how it feels.  Full size goes for $28.50 but I got this guy as a 100 point gift.  The mini lasted me for about a month which is pretty good!  I will pick up the full sized of this guy once I get through a few more hair products.  Maybe when I am in the states at the end of the summer and it is cheaper :)

Smashbox Halo Mini in Fair - Re-purchase 
I picked this up in a set when I was going to Europe.  When I travel I like to get my foundation products in mini form, and with its mini set Smashbox makes it easy! I use this product daily and wouldn't have it any other way.  It makes me glow, and helps my foundation really last.

Ole Hendriksen Moisturizer - Eventual Repurchase
This is my go-to moisturizer.  It smells like oranges and keep my skin awake, fresh, and moisturized.  I love it!  I prefer the Lancome moisturizer I use in the summer because it has better SPF, but come fall I will be back to my old citrus ways.

Lancome Multi-Vital Moisturizer - Re-purchase  
This came in a Lancome Gift With Purchase and I fell in love.  It has kept my face and neck sun burn free (which is no small task!) and my skin clear.  I picked it up in full size.  Love, love, love.

LA Fresh Acetone Free Nail Polish Remover Pad - Re-purchase 
I had such low expectations for this acetone free pad. Buuuuut it got an entire mani off and smelled like wonderful pomegranates.  I would love to pick up a set of these.  I think I originally got it in either an old Ipsy bag or an ancient Glymm bag.

butterLondon Scrubber - No Purchase
Other than the fact that I was supposed to have two of these in my set, it worked well.  It got polish off 8 of my nails which is good, but not great.  I like that these can be used pre and post polish.  But, I don't see myself picking up the full sized pack.

Living Proof Make-Up Bag - No Purchase
This came in my Living Proof 500 point gift.  After 2 days of service the zipper promptly died on me.

Marc Anthony Macadamia Nut Deep Conditioner - Re-purchase 
I use to get the Moroccan Oil Deep Conditioner package, until I tried this part of their line.  I find it richer and even more moisturizing.  It makes my hair soft and clean and I love it.  I have two more to go  until I have to get more!

The Body Shop Mango - No Purchase
It smells good.  It scrubs.  It makes me feel pretty.  I like the Honeymania scent better, but this is a strong second.  That being said, I have a collection of body scrubs to get through and this, while good, isn't my absolute favourite. 

Hair Brush - No Purchase
I picked it up at Winners for $8.  It couldn't handle my wet tangled hair, and then it popped off and that was the end.  I ended up replacing it with another random one from Winners.

Olay Wipes - No Purchase
I find these irritate my eyes a bit, but they get the job done.

Quo Wipes - Re-purchase 
These are so lovely!  I picked it up on a points bonus and couldn't be happier.  Its loaded with vitamin-E and helps keep my skin soft and clean and happy.  What more could you ask for?

Well, what a month!  I'm happy to have finished 19 items this month.  The goal for July? 100.


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