Introduction to Bauble Bar!

Sunday 6 July 2014

Recently I have come to learn that online shopping is fun, but shipping costs are not.

For example today I got an email that Loft had a whole bunch of things on sale for 60% off.  There were 4 office appropriate dresses that I liked and with the markdown came to about $22 each for a total of $88 and change.  Not too shabby-- I was ready to make the purchase.  As I begin the payment process I notice my $149 and chance total.  That's right, shipping to Canada was $35, and taxes and duties were $25.  No thank you! Who pays $35 in shipping for 4 dresses?  Ugh.  #CanadianShippingProblems

Well, I have often felt the same about Bauble Bar.  Such pretty items, but a flat rate of $15 in shipping (which shipping in the States is free)?  Ugh.  I got lucky though, my bf's mom called her sister in the States and I was able to ship it to her place and then she sent it here.

I first heard of them when I got some free $15 promo cards for their company from a Sephora event.  However I balked at the shipping-- it didn't seem like a good deal and the codes could not be combined.  If only I had been with my bf at the time!  Then I could have enjoyed free-ish shipping.  

Bauble Bar is a US online jewellery retailer.  From my observation they specialize in statement pieces. In the US and Canada they can be found in-store at Anthropology. Of course, Anthro does not offer their online deals.  I have wanted to try this brand for a while, and was excited when my box arrived! 

I believe each of these necklaces were Buried Bobbles (weekly deals).  They were $15 each for a total of $45.  While my favourite colours (cream, blue, soft pinks) sold out before I could make the purchase, I am happy with the colours I ordered.  

The orange and black necklaces are the same style.  The orange one has a lavender accent and the black has a pink accent.  I think either of these would look stunning pairs with a neutral outfit for a fun, young office appropriate look.

This necklace is much prettier than I expected.  I love that it is understated (by comparison), and classy.

Now, this one was a surprise to me.  The one I had ordered was orange/cream.  However, this is growing on me and I really do think it if fun for summer.  It is a bit outside of my comfort zone, but that is not necessarily a bad thing.  I am going to contact them tomorrow and see what my options are.

See?  Not quite what I ordered.

Each necklace came with care instructions which were pretty standard.  

It came with a code for 15% off my next purchase.  Too bad my code expired last week.

Over all I am happy with the quality of the products I ordered.  Not thrilled with their Canadian shipping fees, so if I see items I want in the future I will be calling up my bf's aunt again.  Given that one of the necklaces in my box was a mistake, I am going to have to contact CS before I can determine my entire experience's rating.  I like the necklace I received as an accident, but its not what I ordered.  I am interested to see how they solve problems like this.  If it involved me paying shipping again?  No thanks.

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