Sephora Pearl Mask

Sunday 27 July 2014

Recently Sephora launched a new line of single use face masks that retail for $8 in Canada.  They come in all sorts of varieties.  The ones that interested me the most were the Honey and the Pearl mask.  I will be reviewing the Honey mask in a future post.

The Pearl mask comes in a pretty baby pink disk package and claims to perfect and brighten.

The mask is a cotton sheet mask.  It did a good job at contouring to my face with the various grooves it has.  I was actually able to walk around with the mask on without it falling off.

Applying the mask felt cool and comforting.  I left this mask on for about 10 minutes as per the instructions on the back.  I experienced no tingling or tightness with this mask which was nice.  When I removed the mask some of the product was left on my face, rather than wiping it off I let it dry.  My skin looked visibly brighter, though I can't speak to any long term effects as it is a single use product.  

Over all I really liked this mask.  I have a stockpile of new masks from the Face Shop so I won't need one of these for a while, however I would buy this again.  

One of my favourite things about sheet masks is that they don't make a mess.  Easy on, easy off.  My mom also really likes them.

When I see samples I like on I know I will be ordering this mask with my unlimited free shipping.

Have you tried one of Sephora's sheet masks?

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