July 2014 Empties!

Thursday 31 July 2014

Even though I participated heavily in Kalyn Lord's Sample Killah this month, I still managed to knock off a fair number of full sized products owing mostly to the fact that they were 90% done so I buckled down and finished the last 10%.

This month really lacked for any duds.  Sure, some products I liked more than others, but nothing that was so awful that I would never try again.  For the most part this is because I carefully research and sample a product before purchase.  However as previously mentioned these products were 90% done already.  I think I was just holding on to the last 10% because I didn't want to give up the product.

This month I finished 13 full sized items.  Anyways, on to the mini-reviews!

All in the garbage now!  Except the hair mask container.  Keeping it for travel!

On My Face:

Swisspers Organic Cotton Rounds - Maybe Re-Puchase
Nothing special about these cotton rounds.  The next pack I buy will be which ever is on sale or comes with a points promo at Shoppers.  They got the job done, but I mean considering what they are tasked with, is it really that difficult?  These were perfectly fine, but nothing to write home about.

Sephora Honey Mask - Maybe Re-Purchase
I will have a more in depth review coming up shortly.  I loved this mask.  I think it did what it said it would, and was enjoyable to use.  However I also have a Face Shop Honey mask to try which cost $2 compared to Sephora's $8.  Before I commit to a honey mask I want to make sure I am getting the most bang for my buck!

The Face Shop Nose Strip (Aloe) - No Re-Purchase
At $1 this was a great deal.  I didn't notice results nearly as dramatic as my boyfriend who used the charcoal version.  Now, I'm not sure if its because he had more blackheads to remove(okay, he did) or because his nose strip was a better ingredient, but I am going to error on side of caution and stick to the charcoal masks.

The Face Shop Nose Strip (Charcoal) - Re-Purchase
Also $1, I found the results of this nose pore mask to be more dramatic than its aloe cousin.  For this reason I will just be buying the charcoal versions from now on, which is fine.  I bought one of each to see which was better.

Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub - Re-Purchased
Simply put, this is my Holy Grail face scrub.  It smells like delicious sweet almonds, and is rough enough that my skin feels like it is being cleaned yet gentle enough to use nearly every day.  I love this scrub and would recommend it to friends in a heartbeat.  When I had only two uses left I stopped a Sephora on my way home from work to make sure I didn't run out.

Ole Henriksen Pure Truth Youth Activating Oil - Re-Purchased
Another product which is essential to my daly skincare routine.  Every night after I take off my makeup I take one pump of this product and smooth it all over my face. When I wake up in the morning the oil has observed into my face and my skin is soft, smooth, and radiant.  I love this product and can't see a reason to leave it.

In My Hair

Marc Anthony Oil of Morocco Argan Oil Perfect Blow Dry Smoothing Cream - Re-Purchased
I'm not one of those girls who has the time to blow dry my hair every day.  However, I love using this product in my hair after I shower.  I find it smoothes my hair and tames fizz better than most other products I have tried.  When I do blow dry my hair I find it does a good job at protecting my hair and keeping it shiny.  I re-purchased this on a Shoppers point promo last week.

Battiste Dry Shampoo in Wild - Hold
Battiste is my favourite dry shampoo brand.  I can usually get it for a decent price at Winners.  I loved how Wild smelled, however had trouble finding it in store last week when I went to buy it.  I ended up buying Blush instead which has a gentle floral smell.  Once Blush is gone I have an Aveeno and a Herbal Essences Mini dry shampoo to finish.  Then I will go looking for Wild again.  

Living Proof Primer Style Extender - No Re-Purchase
I like this product, but I don't love it.  For the price they charge I better love it.  I prefer the Marc Anthony product previously discussed if I am being totally honest.  I have a deluxe mini of this product to use up before I am rid of my stock of this product.  I prefer their spray primer from this line to the original.  While there is nothing wrong with this product, I find the results are not spectacular.  I also have quite a  bit of similar products to finish before I can justify buying another one.

Living Proof Restore Mask Treatment - Hold
I have reviewed this product as a part of The Great Mask Off.  I had a great experience with this deep conditioner, however I have two more to review before I pick my favourite or decide to keep looking.  Over all I was impressed by this product, and am willing to purchase it again.

The Awkward "Other" Category

Softsoap Citrus Splash Moisturizing Body Wash - Hold
I won't be buying any body wash for a while.  My collection has gotten a bit out of hand, to put it gently.  I picked this up in a 3 pack from Costco before moving way for the summer.  It lasted two people about two and a half months.  It has a generic fruity blue body wash scent and is neither too drying, or moisturizing.  Not my favourite, but not my least favourite.  And it is nearly impossible to beat on price.  Once I run low (in 10585858 years) on body wash I will ask my dad to pick up another 3 pack.  I still have the yellow and red body washes to go!

Smashbox Love Me Love Paint Pen Eyeliner in Jet Black - Can't Repurchase
This limited edition product was my introduction to the world of eyeliner pens.  Before this I had always gone for straight up gel liners.  This pen is a bit thick for my liking, now that I know better, but at the time of purchase I was thrilled.  I have since moved on to the thinner Stila pen. Even if I wanted to, I couldn't re-purchase this item because it is gone forever.

Julep Oxygen Nail Treatment - Re-Purchased
Some people complain that this treatment makes their nails peel.  I don't find that to be an issue.  I like to wear this occasionally between manicures to give my nails a rest and let them heal.  It has the benefit of not only being good for my nails, but it is also pretty.  To the average person it looks like I just have a simple soft translucent pink nail polish on, while it actually provides benefit to my nails. Win-win!  I snagged my replacement bottle on a great sale from Julep.

The Even More Awkward Category

LUSH Rockstar Soap - Re-Purchase
I love love love love this soap.  It smells like pink.  I have no better word to describe it.  It runs a bit expensive so I only pick it up as an occasional treat, but I highly recommend it.  Since the bar of soap is gone I photographed the little bag it came in.

I am pretty surprised that I managed to finish off this many full sized products this month given all the samples I have been mowing down.  I am really going to miss my wild dry shampoo and my LUSH soap.  But I have some new Lush soaps to try that I can't wait to delve into.

What products did you finish this month?  Any duds?  Anything fantastic?

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