Mini Beauty Haul: Murale

Wednesday 30 July 2014

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Thanks to this haul, I now have over 95,000 Shoppers Optimum points.  Which means that in the next few weeks I will be at Murale knocking 5 or 6 items of my long held wish list!

I picked up Dior Skin Nude Concealer in 010 and NARS eyeshadow in Bali.

Swatch: Bali, Dior

Swatch: Bali, Dior buffed in

This matte deep brown powder eyeshadow is wonderfully buttery and creamy.  It is also quiet buildable.  I am generally not drawn to dark shadows, however last time I had my make-up done the artist used this in my crease.  I loved it!  This shadow is long wearing and can be used for work and play.

Dior Nudeskin Concealer in 010
I use the Dior Nudeskin Foundation in 010, so it made sense that my concealer should be the exact same colour.  This colour is an exact match for me and does a great job at hiding my under eye bags.  

Perhaps not the most exciting haul, but these products are great basics to have for a timeless look.

What have you bought most recently?

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