What's in my Purse?

Saturday 26 July 2014

I am guilty of having everything but the kitchen in my purse.  For work I have a large black purse that is basically an endless abyss.  Macbook, wallet, makeup, notebook, and 1001 odds and ends.  Today at lunch I stopped at Shoppers Drug Mart to grab a diet coke.  On the way to the diet coke I saw a beautiful little purse sitting on the top of the clearance section.  I grabbed it and took it to the cash.  Normally $65 it was on sale for $20.  The fabric on this little mint bag feels high quality, and it looks adorable on.  Both cute, but professional.  This is more of a weekend bag for me.

This bag is made by PinkHouse.

Now, onto the contents:

For a perfect summer weekend

Rayband Sunglasses
I love how sharp these sunglasses are.  By far my favourite style.  Since I bought these last year I haven't bought another pair.  In the summer when it is bright out I always end up squinting my eyes.  To help prevent early wrinkles I invested in a quality pair of sunglasses.  

Michael Korres Wallet
This little wristlet was a gift from my boyfriend's mom.  It can hold my phone, my cards, and my money.  It also looks adorable. I love the pretty pink-purple colour and the high quality feel.

Chapters Bow Bracelets in Pink and White
Retailing for $18, I picked these up for $8 each on sale.  I love being able to toss these on while going from a casual afternoon to a fun evening!

iPhone Charger
I am always on my phone, so I drain the battery pretty fast.  Having a charger on me means when my friends need one I can lend a hand, and that I don't have to risk going home late at night with 2% phone battery.  Better safe than sorry!

I love listening to music on my way to meet up with friends or go to the mall.  Also, its much easier to take a call with headphones.

Revlon Lip Butters
One of these is more of a stain and the other is basically just glitter.  These are great because they are neutral and go with almost any makeup look.  Perfect to touch up on the go!

Better safe than sorry!  This little three pack is about $1 in the Shoppers travel section.  Better to always have one on hand than to not have it when you (or a friend!) needs one.

Coach Business Card Holder
Networking is everything.  The best thing you can do when you meet somebody new to add to your professional network is to trade business cards.  I love being able to take this sleek leather pouch out from my purse (saves fumbling time!) and trade it.  First impressions are everything!  You never know who you will meet.

Perfume Samples (Daisy Dream, Daisy Fresh)
I actually grabbed these two fresh and girly scent samples today at Sephora.  

So seriously important. Sun care is so, so important.  Burns are not healthy in the slightest!   I keep this sunscreen mini on hand just incase I end up spending a bit more time outside than expected.  

What do you keep in your purse?

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