Its All About Brows: Anastasia Beverly Hills Dip Brow

Tuesday 29 July 2014

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My brow struggle is real.  Without product my eyebrows barely show up in photos.  I have been using brow products in some capacity for about 6 years.  That even included one time that I let the brow artist talk me into getting them died with henna.  That only resulted in my brows being waaaaaaay too dark, and having to answer a lot of awkward questions when I came back from my lunch break.  After about two weeks of intense washing they faded to something much more manageable.  But was it worth it?  Nope.  So I went back to the world of searching for the perfect brow product.  I thought my prayers were answered with Benefit's Gimme Brow in the lighter of the two shades only to find it improved my brows but not to the level I wanted.  Also?  Too ashy.  It had a weird taupe-grey effect to it.

I love the look of strong eyebrows.  They really bring a look together, and make even the most simplest of looks look sharper, and better defined.  One of the biggest make-up challengesI have if finding the right brow products.  Most brow products made for blondes are quite ashy.  When I apply those products it makes my eyebrows darker but also more grey.  When I go for darker products they make my brows too dark and unnatural.

Before finding this product I generally used Benefit's Gimme Brow in the lighter shade.  However I didn't like how it couldn't really define my brows.  It did a good job at filling in, and it is great for on the go.  However, this shade is pretty ashy and never looked right on me.

Anastasia Beverly Hills specializes in brow products.  I had tried her dip brow before but none of the colours quite suited me.  When I was last in store I noticed that she has come out with three new colours.  I was immediately drawn to "Soft Brown".  It is the perfect combination of brown, blonde, and auburn. 

$23 at Sephora

My perfect shade!

This product has a gel consistency similar to a gel liner.  

Watch up close

To apply, use a stiff brow brush to gently outline and fill in the brow.  Remember, eyebrows are sisters, not twins!  To make it look more natural use a spooly wand (the sales lady at Sephora gave me a few disposable mascara wands) to blend and diffuse the gel.

I prefer gel or powder products to pencils.  I can just never get a pencil to look natural.  I couldn't get over how natural this product makes my brows.  Even one of the ladies that I work with noticed!

Once this stuff is on, its on.  It has serious staying power-- lasted all day and put up a fight with my make-up remover!

Look at those brows!

I've found my brow Holy Grail product.  I would recommend this product without hesitation.  I will still hold on to my Benefit Gimme Brow product for lazy "less make-up" days.  

What do you use on your eyebrows? 

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