K Beauty: Intro to The Face Shop

Thursday 24 July 2014

Walking through the mall the other day I stumbled upon The Face Shop.  I first spotted this store around Christmas in Toronto and had dismissed it as a cheap knock off of The Body Shop.  Seeing that it was still in business in the summer in Ottawa I figured I would give it a shot, and I am really happy that I did!

This haul came to about $20.  Not too bad!  Most items at this store are super affordable.  I had a lot of fun looking around.  

I really enjoyed the cucumber mask.  It was cooling.  My skin felt refreshed.  These come in all sorts of different styles? Flavours?  Scents? And they retail for $2.

I haven't tried the nose pore mask yet.  It was only $1.

I really loved the lip mask .  I didn't notice huge results, but I felt really silly wearing the big pink lips.  Novelty value?  Hilariously high.  This was $4.

The $6 hand cream is quite nice.  Once I get through some sample hand creams I have I will be tossing this in my purse.

These nail masks were way easier to figure out how to use than Julep's.  My cuticles felt hydrated.

This Konjac sponge was $4 (much cheaper than Boscia's $22 sponge).  It is a bit thinner than others I have used, but given how cheap it is I am not complaining!  It gets the job done.

This was a little sample kit that came as a gift with purchase.  Loved the BB cream, the CC cream was too dark, and I haven't tried the rest yet.

So far I am super happy with the Face Shop and I know I will be dropping by again to pick up more face masks!

Have you tried the Face Shop?  What do you think of it?

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