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Thursday 3 July 2014


What do you guys think of the title photos I have been editing? Is it worth the time or does it look awkward?

I now work only a block away from Murale.  Curiosity got the better of me and one day after work I popped in to check out Chanel which cannot be purchased at Sephora.  The nice guy working there let me know that Thursday was a bonus points day where if I spent over $125 I got 18,500 Shoppers Bonus Points, and if I spent over $50 I got $10 off.  So I lumped it together and spent $135, took $10 off and only paid $125 out of pocket.

Well, to make it even better the Smashbox rep let me know that if I purchased any 2 Smashbox Products I got a free gift set and make up bag.  Score!

Much to my delight the Smashbox Halo Powder I use daily had permanently dropped in price from $75 to $56.  I grabbed that since I am running low and its better to get something I know I will use and love than something I don't need at all.  As for my other item I grabbed a new Limited Edition eyeliner in bright blue and gold for $28.

Smashbox Santigolden Age Double-Ended Limitless Liner in Azurite is Never Wrong/El Dorado

Smashbox Halo Powder in Fair

Smashbox Eye Must Haves

Santigolden Age Make-Up Bag

Smashbox Santigolden Age Double-Ended Limitless Liner in Azurite is Never Wrong/El Dorado

I love how bright and bold the blue is.  It is super pigmented and creamy.  I had it applied at lunch and it was still good when I went to take my make-up off at night, so it has a pretty good wear time.  As for the gold end, I can't wait to apply it under my eyes for a bright and pretty summer look.

Most of my coloured eyeliners are in pen form, so I will have to practice a bit to get the look I like with this pencil.  

Such pretty packaging!

Smashbox Eye Must Haves

Limitless Eyeliner in Onyx (Black matte)
Photo Op Eye Brightening Mascara
Layer Lash Primer

I am very excited to try these products.  I love Smashbox and have never had one of their products that I haven't loved.  I won't be using these until I finish off a few more mini mascaras, but I just can't wait to give them a go later this summer!

Santigolden Age Make-Up Bag

This bag smells like plastic, but feels sturdy.  It feels summery, so I can't wait to take it on my next vacation!

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